Stars ahead of the trends-Louise Bourgoin, Jessica Biel and Alexa Chung

Exit the tong, the dress liberty or micro denim shorts , up with trends back to these parts must-have need to find may turn has-beens . Opinion fashionistas most honestly versed in fashion, September sounding the advent of a number of comeback mode .
Starting with the spirit fifties gaining ground with its long skirts mid – length or three quarters already tamed by Alexa Chung or Louise Bourgoin. Let it be said  nike trainers, the winter will be modest or subtly sexy . Not turned to incendiary , yes to split . Jessica Biel understood it and displays a perfectly curved Redshank in a long robe of vestal Emilio Pucci.
In a genre still sensuous, the lace continues to back this in parades Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci or Givenchy. Mylène Jampanoï is obviously a fan, supporter of the dress with lace , ultra retro . Fringe returns but also in tribute to the Roaring Twenties . She wriggles and the most daring dresses like Jennifer Love Hewitt.
As for accessories, nfl jerseys  the it-bag of school is certainly the binder. And if the model camel leather Mulberry to the coast , as in the colored version Miu Miu gaining ground. Rachel McAdams can attest.

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A collection comprising more for readers of Michel Tournier and for travel enthusiasts

Qhen the luxury and love of beautiful texts meet, the result can be superb. This is the case of the publication of the Fortnight literary associated with Louis Vuitton as part of the collection with ”Voyager ” which have already appeared Ernst Junger , Joseph Conrad , Henry James or Le Corbusier ( non-exhaustive list , far from it ) . The subject book is beautiful: shades of blue cover , beautiful paper , beautiful full page photographs . However, this is indeed a book, a true, not one of these objects made to be placed prominently on a table air max 90   , and never opened .
University , is director Arlette Bouloumié CERIEC Angers (Centre for Studies and Research on Imagination , Writing and Culture) and is familiar with the work of Michel Tournier (1924 ) in which she also wrote several books c ‘ It is bringing together the papers presented . It organizes the anthology by geographical areas : France , Europe , Africa and a separate section , a little ” catch-all , titled ” The great voyages ” ( Israel , Iceland, Canada, Japan , Brazil, India). As stated Maurice Nadeau on the text inside cover ” Just as in the previous books in this collection , you can find here travel -writers , but writers with whom he came to live more or less time away from home in another space- time “.
Edouard Boubat made several trips with Michel Tournier and these are his photographs that illustrate the book. An extensive 20-page chronology , uneven , fast on childhood and youth and close the newspaper for more recent years , and finally , a bibliography of Michel Tournier and a quick note about Boubat Edward (1923-1999 ) . The captions are pushed as notes at the end of volume.
This invitation to travel is just as much – and perhaps primarily – an invitation to travel within the discovery of near and distant horizons . The title is also Travel and Landscapes; Nike Air Shox Turbo   landscapes here are essentially internal landscapes of childhood , landscapes fed readings, influences that accompany a life.
One way to understand Michel Tournier and his original work , to assess the influence which on its Levi – Strauss , to find the essential part that holds in his personal universe Germany . One way to go also to the discovery or rediscovery of his novels, which , each in its own way, are also questions about the trip , introduction to travel , learning about the trip – indoors or otherwise.
But , after all , the question that imposes itself on the pages is: Michel Tournier , who has traveled extensively , but also chose the root since 1957 in the rectory Choisel in the valley of Chevreuse , preferred – Does it travel? Asked by a journalist in 1988, he replied : ” In travel, nfl jerseys   it is not the scenery that I seek is the repaysement: to seek, to find. There are two countries where I feel at home : Tunisia (the most western of Arab countries ) and West Germany and East. This is a country hard and austere, to be earned . What I want is myself. Whatever I might have been if I had established in one of these two countries “.

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HERMES INTL PPR H1 net doubles, continuing its reorganization

PARIS – The luxury group and distribution PPR SA pledged Friday to continue its efforts to restructure around its brands and its luxury fashion items and sports. He also announced that a recovery in demand for luxury goods had enabled him to see its net profit more than doubled in the first half .
PPR improved its profitability in all divisions during the semester .
” Our strong reaction from the outset of the crisis to maintain our competitiveness and the development of offensive trade allow us to benefit from the initial effects of the global economic recovery , ” said President and CEO group , Francois – Henri Pinault said in a statement .
Net income for the first half amounted to 403 million euros , against 189 million euros a year earlier . Operating profit meanwhile rose 21 % to 708 million euros mlb shop , exceeding the average forecast of analysts, which was 650 million euros.
PPR seeks to refocus the group on a collection of brands with global potential , organized around Gucci and Puma.
Its three main divisions of distribution – Fnac , Redcats and Conforama – should be transferred.
FH Pinault confirmed Friday that he would wait for conditions favorable to sell its distribution assets . Among the activities transferred by PPR in recent years include Spring air max 90    , YSL Beauty and the distributor CAM , which was introduced in Exchange.
The group has indeed a ” flexibility ” , but will do nothing to jeopardize the credit rating assigned to BBB – by Standard & Poor ‘s, said FH Pinault .
The group ‘s turnover reached 8.14 billion euros, above the consensus, which was 8.08 billion euros . Excluding currency effects and perimeter, revenues from continuing operations rose 1.7 %, driven by a 8.5% increase in the activities of luxury.
The group had said after the first quarter expected to improve its financial performance this year. “Faced with a consumer environment remains uncertain, the forces that have made the quality of the results of the PPR first half of 2010 will also serve in the second half of the year , ” PPR said Friday.
” A result greater than the consensus again mens trainers   , it became a feature of major groups of luxury ” in the first half , says Luca Solca , an analyst at Bernstein , who has an outperform recommendation on the stock. The French luxury group LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Hermes International have recently published results stronger than expected , drawing a more favorable outlook for the sector .

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Japanese artist Takashi Murakami exhibits at the Chateau de Versailles

The Japanese artist Takashi Murakami will succeed Jeff Koon and Xavier Ensuring exposing this fall at the Chateau de Versailles .
The artist mens trainers  , who had distinguished himself particularly by his collaboration with Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton and the achievement of the album cover of Kanye West , presents a retrospective of his work through a dozen rooms of the palace.
The universe of Takashi Murakami draws from pop culture nike max bw , manga and built between kawaii (“Cute “In Japanese ) and pop art. This exposure be the first of this size for the artist in France .

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Dual star: Blake Lively Anna Wintour vs Scarlett

Who Blake Lively or Scarlett is the most lookée ? Fashion icons , they crackle flashes on the red carpet and increase the high-flying friends in the small world of fashion. Place the duel between star Blake Lively and Scarlett !
* for Blake Lively Anna Wintour of U.S. Vogue Popess nike max bw . It was she who was dubbed in the fashion world by offering on a silver platter and cover a shoot for Vogue . Cover Girl accomplished Blake Lively has since made the most of women’s magazines hype Nylon Glamour . Another Comeback to the blonde , Karl Lagerfeld, the kayser of ChanelWhich she never misses a parade . With such sponsors, Blake Lively proven the kingdom of it girls !
* for Scarlett : faithful Dolce & GabbanaIt is also very close to its two creators.     nike trainers  The lads share a common vision of glamorous ultra feminine. She also aprrécie much the style of Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton.*

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Three arrivals and a new start in Portugal Street

ÇStreet moves to Portugal ! Also in the mix . And with that touch of originality that makes the difference .
Alain Gilles Lassept Berle and have thrown their suitcases streets of Portugal. Not just any two large trunks of 1888 and 1905 signed Louis Vuitton. Who knows if they are not already passed by Vichy , in the wake of a few wealthy spa visitors ? The vintage luxury luggage , anyway , is part of the furniture of the two boys for 18 years . They started there.
The couple held boutique in Paris, Perpignan where Gilles was born. And moved to Vichy January 13 , “city beautiful , quiet , pleasant climate and close to everything. ” At 13, the number of the street , they occupy the store and building. The figure has increased their happiness :     nike trainers  “We had our first sale a half hour after opening , “says Gilles, the most voluble. Alain confirms calmly : ” The street is dynamic . Even incredibly winter. ” The work of the Paris street , neighbor, have not thwarted the first steps: “Even if the street was cordoned off four or five months , people came up to us. Here it works by word – of-mouth and it’s as if we were expected . ”
It is true that a shop style gallery Lassept – Berle did not exist. There are only objects of decorative art signed : Josef Hoffmann Art Nouveau period, Jacques Adnet in the fifties, Lalique and Daum glass side ? In September, the space enhanced by a set of furniture stamped Dominique , “one of the greatest designers of the Twenties , “said Alain .
The reconquest of the commercial street of Paris , major work is a boon for the small amount way street , previously mainly known for its food shops and is the rendezvous for lovers of cheese and spices that are found nowhere else , good meat too .
At 15, in a building that belongs to him, Catherine Corti opened the store of his dreams on the ground floor. We meet the “beautiful antiques , objects of late eighteenth century, Napoleon III, Restoration , which can adapt to any atmosphere, including contemporary. Furniture such as chairs of time “no more expensive than Ikea , but also mirrors and chandeliers, the specialty of the hostess , nike trainers and silverware , that of his partner , Richard Beaudonnat .
The time of retirement has not come for the former assistant Claude Malhuret , responsible for thirteen years of Social Affairs and Housing . In Portugal this street , ” being reborn ” , she ” finally something that [ my ] passion “after a career in production management . She started a website ( pitcher -system ) before storefront , two months ago .
For three weeks, the number 15 is shared by Albertine N’Djie . In his shop , there are hair extensions , wigs , short, ” all these accessories of the head ” that the woman could not find the last two years she lived Vichy . The former saleswoman at the Bon Marche department store in Paris, left bank , also offers belts, stoles , handbags , hats , necklaces and other charm bracelets .
Down the street , where it trades for five years, Eric Dupuis is in full work. The craftsman installs home theater : the big screen to the 3D room homes. It is almost unique in Auvergne on this high-tech equipment . The former student of the Rue Blanche , best for theater technicians sportswear store  , takes the ball . It will increase its selling space by two . Opening at 5 in August. ” I expect a lot from the street of Paris . Already , you feel the first effects . ”
And since good news never comes alone, his wife , Agnes , a costume show , will launch in September , at 3, “The New Hat ” , returning the street trade that Portugal had lost.

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A case in iPad will be dressed in several major luxury brands signed Dunhill

Recently, there has been a trend among fashion houses which have, for the most part , decided to create their own cover for the new iPad . This time it was the turn of the house of Dunhill follow suit , while the luxury brand presents its first case for iPad , reports Le Blog Luxe.
The brand has worked very hard on this model made of thick leather jacket cream , drawing on cases of students .
On top of the cover ,sportswear store  the brand printed image of an envelope addressed to Mr. Dunhill .
The iPad will be dressed in several major luxury brands this year. Remember that the fashion houses Gucci and Louis Vuitton have also launched their own pocket .
The trend has also been followed by Salvatore Ferragamo ,mens trainers  Oscar de la Renta who designed a case to protect this technological tool .

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810 euros and 84 g of hash seized building Champmilan

Monitored for several months by investigators from the Brigade of urban security, an alleged cannabis dealer Mills was arrested Monday afternoon at his home in a building Champmilan. The young man, aged 20 , is suspected of having, during the second half of 2009 , provided several intermediaries and consumers in cannabis .
In his room, police found a packet of 55 g of “com” , mens trainers  cannabis joint quality , and 29 g of “sum ” , the resin of superior quality . Blades were used for cutting cannabis were also seized. And they also found in one boy’s jackets, 810 cash.
Left open on Wednesday after his detention, the alleged drug dealer was summoned to the Criminal Court of Moulins, Wednesday, September 15 .
Detention of infringing product, nike max bw   a fake Louis Vuitton hat, was also charged the young man. Offence for which there will be a reminder to law.

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Scarlett Johansson likes makeup Dolce & Gabbana

Scarlet Johansson likes makeup Dolce & Gabbana. The actress from ” Lost In Translation “poses for the cosmetics branch of the Italian house . This is not the first collaboration with the brand: the star is also the face of the fragrance ” The One Rose “and had lent his image to the latest campaign release in September 2009 cosmetics . We then saw the luscious blonde take a pose, like a Marilyn Monroe in a very sensual blond curls nike max bw   , lips painted red and white corset .
This time , the shots are less tender but still looks sensual . Scarlett appears almost animal and seems to have fallen to the dark side of fashion: his purple lips and dark smoky eyes perfect match to his black satin corset and shorts tall lace . Lying on a leopard print, she passionately embraces a piece of fur. Some common with the first set of photos air max 95: still the blond curls and talent of the actress to illuminate all the cliches on which it appears.

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Honoring Louis Vuitton Dita Von Teese, sexy ode to retro

Present as Kristen Bell and Molly Sims at the evening Louis Vuitton and Heal the Bay, the buxom Dita Von Teese had a very feminine look and work .
Honoring Louis Vuitton Dita chose a leather skirt from the collection fall 2010 . Surfing the 50’s trend that is a revival for the start , the models in this collection were all meant to sublimate the curves of women,  nike shox particularly the hips with high cut size for skirts and corsets with breasts .
Putting his paw in Von Teese look, the queen of burlesque adds spice to her dress with a leather corset and black lace and long gloves . For the remainder of its ancillary Dita trusted by adopting the French house shoes with bows and details rhinestone heels also from the fall collection and a small handbag checkerboard and sequins.
Dressed in his usual make- up and sophisticated styling , mens trainers the pin- up shone in a retro look too aphrodisiac .

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